Usually, I don’t really feel like communicating with new people, because in these just-after-acquaintance conversations you are supposed to introduce yourself and tell a lot of personal information. In abroad conversations like these, the self-introduction is usually followed by the explanation of how it is possible to be a Russian from Estonia. It is the conversations like these that bore me. However, the meeting I had that time was different. This story is about a man who is worth introducing.

I’ve never met people like Samir before – with such a rich background, extensive culture and an amazing attitude. We had too little Turkish tea for such a long interview. It felt like I wanted to know everything about him, yet I didn’t even know how to ask him about himself. Samir wasn’t used to talking a lot. Though, the interesting thing is that not only me, but the camera crew really enjoyed listening to him. After I had ran out of questions, it was the girls behind the camera who started to ask him. Samir was rather shy. He wanted to share the most exciting stories, but once he did, he immediately asked not to include the embarrassing ones into the final cut of the interview.

Of course, my episode was not only about talking. I am always ready to try something new and at that time I was faced with exciting challenges, too. Among these new and exciting activities were visiting the Tallinn mosque (Did you know that it is actually a former battery producing factory? Me neither, but Samir did. A quite funny fact.), dancing under a drone in the park (“Okay, Karina, this is your first and last time doing that, just feel free to feel free,” I was thinking.) and operating the drone. I was a bit paranoid during this task feeling that if I couldn’t see the drone, it would definitely fall down and drown in the pond, near which we were filming. My fears might be explained by the fact that by that time Samir had already drowned his own drone in the same pond. He decided not to tell the cameraman about that. It was rather a good decision.

To be honest, we don’t keep in touch since the filming. I don’t consider it to be a big problem. Throughout the life you meet an enormous number of incredible people: you talk to them, get inspired and delighted, absorb their stories, let them go and continue moving forward keeping the memories of them as a small part of your life. I also have one after meeting such an amazing man.

P.S. no drones were harmed in the making of this episode. 

  • На передачу меня позвали за несколько дней до начала съемок, но так даже лучше: прекрасные люди, забавные истории и интересные события должны случаться неожиданно, это придает им свой шарм.

    Это история моей встречи с Самиром, беседы за турецким чаем, управления дроном и посещения мечети. Удивительно, как много можно сделать за 2-3 дня. Описание наших сумбурных майских выходных доступно на английском, хотя и там упомянуто даже не все произошедшее.

  • See lugu on kirjutatud inglise keeles.