The association of the African Students in Estonia (AASE) Cordially invite you to the African cultural week from 22nd until 26th May 2018.

The event begins on Tuesday 22nd of May with a seminar, and we are expecting to have the Tallinn University Rector Professor Tiit Land, representatives from various reputable companies and public organizations in Estonia as our guest speakers. The seminar will focus on different aspects of the everyday life of international students in Estonia, in particular, cultural adaptation in Estonia, Estonia’s internationalization, educational system and African students. The debate takes place at Tallinn University, Narva Mantee 25.

There would be an orphanage visit which takes place on Wednesday 23rd May. This event aims to reach out to those in need and also serves as an opportunity to give back to the society.

African week peaks with the football match between African Students and SportRadar OÜ football team on Saturday, May 26th at Kristiine Sport, Forelli 12, 10621 Tallinn.

Later on, the same day, everybody is invited to make acquaintance with and enjoy an exhibition of African culture: food, artifacts, music, dance and other entertainment. The big cultural get together takes place in the Student Building, Tallinn University of Technology.

For Further enquires about the event please write to us or call;

Phone Number: +372 55675633
Skype Id: Kinglouie4u
Facebook: Kingsley Nkwusi

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EST Organisatsioon on loodud eesmärgiga toetada Eestis õppivaid Aafrika üliõpilasi ning hoolitseda nende heaolu eest. Tagamaks nende areng, samuti kontinendi ja võõrustajamaa areng. Meie ülesanded: - parendada Eestis õppivate Aafrika üliõpilaste enesetunnet; - kujundada Aafrika üliõpilaste ja Eesti ühiskonna rahulik kooseksisteerimine; - soodustada Aafrika üliõpilaste ja võõrustajamaa ühiskonna vaheliste kontaktide loomist; - aidata Aafrika üliõpilastel integreeruda Eesti ühiskonda. ENG Association of African Students, Estonia is created solely to promote the welfare of African students in Estonia, for their development, and the development of the continent and host country. Our mission includes, but not limited to: - enhancing the well-being of African students in Estonia; - promoting peaceful co-existence between African students and the entire Estonian community; - promoting contact sharing among African students and the host society; - aiding the integration of African students into the Estonian society. RUS Организация была создана единственно с целью оказания содействия и заботы о благополучии африканских студентов в Эстонии. Для их развития и развития континента и принимающей страны. Нашей задачей среди прочего является: - Улучшенние благополучия африканских студентов в Эстонии; - Формирование мирного сосуществования африканских студентов и Эстонского общества. - Содействие обмену контактами между африканскими студентами и принимающим обществом. - Помощь в интеграции африканских студентов в Эстонское общество.