The experience of “Academy of Childhood”

My name is Giovanni Freschi, and I am a student of Psychology at the University of Bologna. Since September 2017 to November 2017, I had the opportunity to join the Academy of Childhood, taking part to a European project aimed to support the young students who are looking for possibilities to approach their future working field.

During this two months, my duty had been working in the Academy from Monday to Friday, 5 hours per day, taking part in all the activities proposed by the staff.

In this context, I experienced the reality of a professional organization created to protect and support the development of children coming from different life experiences, trough an inclusive and proactive perspective.

In order to team building, my personal connection with the members of the staff had been extremely productive.

I felt directly involved in the organization of the daily activities and supported during my working hours with motivation, responsibility and specific teachings that drove me in expanding capabilities and knowledge about integrative Pedagogy.

Anyway, the experience at the Academy had been intense and rewarding.

I’d never faced such an organization before, because Italian legislation it’s different, and I really was amazed by the results and professionality shown by the working group, day by day. The structure of the house is perfectly fit to make the children feel home and safe, stimulating them to explore sociality and community with happiness and motivation. The approach of the staff is focused on the necessities of each singular child, encouraging at the same time a proactive development of the individuals and the group itself.

This kind of organization represents to me a fresh and innovative project that could seriously be considered in order to improve the Italian system around the child protection; this is also a reason why I am sharing this experience in details to my professors at the University, in order to start debating about. In conclusion, I really have to thank from the deep of my heart the leader of this unique organization, Jelena. She had been an amazing teacher to me, professionally and humanly speaking. She always managed with personal care the daily routine with enthusiasm, passion and professional dedication, being able to transfer to me positively that has significantly influenced this experience as a student, but most importantly, as an individual. I believe that she built a concept of a place where the approach to the differences between children, in specific, and people more in general, are just a peculiar characteristic of the ones, that must be utilized as a constructive potential for the community, and not as a matter of inequality. The love and kindness shown by this beautiful and unite family is the strongest legacy that will remain part of my personal background, inspiring my future activities and ideas.

Giovanni Freschi

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EST Lapsepõlve Akadeemia MTÜ (Tallinn, Eesti) eesmärk on luua lastele, noortele ja täiskasvanutele ohutu keskkond, võimaldada mitmekülgne haridus ja grupitegevus. MTÜ aitab kaasa kodanikuaktiivsuse loomisele nii Eesti kui ka Euroopa tasandil. Lapsepõlve Akadeemia teeb koostööd paljude kohalike ja rahvusvaheliste organisatsioonidega, kohalike omavalitsuste, koolide ja inimestega, kes pooldavad eneseharimist, teiste inimeste mõistmist, suhtlust nende, iseenda ja ümbritseva keskkonnaga. ENG NGO Academy of Childhood (Tallinn, Estonia) is an organization, that focuses on creating a safe environment for holistic education and workshops for children, youth and adults; and promoting local and European active citizenship. Our NGO collaborates with many local and international NGO’s, local municipalities, schools and people, who strife for self-education and gaining better understanding and communication with others and with oneself, as well as with the environment. RUS НКО Академия детства (Таллинн, Эстония) это организация, которая сосредоточена на создании безопасной среды, всестороннего образования и групповых занятий для детей, молодежи и взрослых. Она содействует созданию активной гражданской позиции как на местном, так и на европейском уровне. Наша организация сотрудничает с многими местными и международными организациями, местными самоуправлениями, школами и людьми, которые cтремятся к самообразованию, четкому пониманию и общению с другими, с самим собой, и с окружающей средой.