In the Pakistan Cultural Evening, the traditions, culture, and ethnic wear of Pakistan were introduced and offered a glimpse of interesting tourism and nature locations across the country



The participants had the chanced to learn interesting things about the customs and traditions of Pakistan. The event took place in the Tartu Nature House at Lille 10, Tartu and it was hosted by the University of Tartu staff and students from Pakistan.



The event also included an “Ethnic-wear cottage”, where the participants had the unique opportunity to drape them self in traditional Pakistani getup and had taken photos. The some traditional Pakistani food and chai were offered.





Programme highlights:

  • Welcome Speech
  • National Anthems
  • Presentation about Pakistan
  • Quiz
  • Indus Valley Civilization (documentary)
  • Speech by Guest of Honor
  • Cultural Songs and Dances
  • Workshop:
    “Ethnic-wear cottage”- Participants had a unique opportunity to drape them self in traditional Pakistani getup (Shalwar Kamees, Sindh Topi, Ajrak, Chatrali Topi, Shaal, Dupata) and photos were taken.
    Pakistani food (Karahi, Korma, Roti, Sindhi Biryani), Dessert (Kheer) and Chai (tea).
    Everybody was welcomed, regardless of age! Seminar held in English, explanations in Estonian was also provided.




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EST Pakistani-Eesti Assotsiatsioon (PEA) on platvormiks Eesti ja Pakistani vaheliste sotsiaal-, majandus- ja kultuurikontaktide loomisel ja arendamisel. PEA eesmärk on pakkuda paika, kus saavad kohtuda eestlased, Pakistanis sündinud eestlased, Eestis elavad pakistaanlased ja mõlema poole sõbrad erinevatest rahvustest. PEA toetab Eesti ja Pakistani suhete arengut ning eestlaste ja pakistaanlaste vaheliste kontaktide loomist, täites õiguskaitsja ja rahva hääle funktsiooni. ENG Pakistan Estonia Association (PEA) aims to provide a platform to promote and strengthen the broad-based social, economic and cultural ties between Estonia and Pakistan. The aim of the Association is to provide a meeting place for Estonians, Estonians of Pakistani Origin and Pakistanis residing in Estonia and friends of the two countries of any nationality. PEA wishes to contribute to expanding and deepening people-to-people contact and linkages between Estonia and Pakistan and play an advocacy role as a “people’s voice. PEA also wishes to play a role in specific fields, such as cooperation and development in education, research, trade, the social sector and other fields of interest to individuals, organizations, institutions, and companies from the two countries. RUS Эстонско пакистанская ассоциация (PEA) предоставляет платформу для продвижения и улучшения социальных, экономических и культурных связей между Эстонией и Пакистаном. Целью ассоциации является предоставление места для встреч эстонцам, эстонцам, родившимся в Пакистане, пакистанцам, живущим в Эстонии, и друзьям обеих стран любой национальности. (PEA) желает внести свой вклад в расширение и укрепление контактов среди людей и налаживание связей между Эстонией и Пакистаном выполняя роль правозащитника и голоса народа.