Kultuurikohvik: Taraj and Svjata Vatra


    Kultuurikohvik (Cultural Café) is a series of concerts that take place in 2019, where different bands of minorities living in Estonia perform. All the music of the bands is inspired by the folklore of their land of origin, that has been modified to a contemporary form. The concerts are acoustic and give the atmosphere of “home concerts”. In addition to playing their music, the artists share their ideas and thoughts about their creation and culture. The host is Jüri Muttika.

    In the first concert on March 13th at Kloostri Ait, bands Taraj and Svjata Vatra will share their music.

    Taraj plays Estonian and Chuvash folk-pop music. As they introduce themselves: “We are travelers who bring the Chuvash music to the new lands. We are diplomats as our music bridges East and West. We are rebels who support a unique endangered language and culture.“

    You can listen to their music:https://soundcloud.com/tarajkun

    Svjata Vatra doesn’t need introduction in the Estonian folk music field. It’s an ensembel that plays Estonian-Ukrainian folk music based on traditional songs, nostalgic children’s games and Baltic melodies, with a fresh punk attitude.

    More information:http://svjatavatra.com

    Kultuurikohvik is organized by the Estonian Folklore Council’s working group of minorities. Estonian Folklore Council is a non-governmental organization, set up on an interdisciplinary basis and acts as the roof-organization for all institutions, which are practically, organizationally and scientifically engaged in folk culture, folk art and the cultural heritage. It’s aim is to value cultural heritage and to support its consistency.

    The tickets with the price of 5 € are pre-sold at Piletilevi and before the concert. 
    • 13/03/2019
    • 13/03/2019
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